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Son Sayı (Latest Issue) - Year 2022 Volume 5 Issue 1

Abstract (Özet)

Micro particles of mild steel, silicon carbide, magnesia and bentonite were employed as input materials in the development of ceramic composites by powder metallurgy method. Varied formulations were used in producing the samples and they were characterised. The samples demonstrated desirable characteristics. Sample D containing 12 wt. % of mild steel particles exhibited density of 1.78 g/cm3, water absorption of 0.3 %, hardness of 137.15 BHN, compressive strength of 146.38 MPa, and impact energy of 6.64 J. Proper blending of constituent materials and strong bonding enhanced the characteristics of the composites. The results indicated the suitability of the composite for use in fields that require high compressive strength and hardness.

Abstract (Özet)

Particles reinforced polymer matrix composites were developed by mould casting method. 5 – 25 weight percent of particulate of mild steel and aluminium dross, which are metal waste were applied as reinforcement for the production of epoxy resin matrix composites. The unreinforced epoxy resin and composite specimens were subjected to microstructural, water absorption, tensile, Young’s modulus, impact, and hardness tests. The results showed that the hybrid specimen demonstrated the lowest water absorption of 0.01 %, highest tensile strength, elastic modulus, and impact energy of 81.05 MPa, 600 MPa and 17.24 J respectively at 15 wt. % filler content. The results indicated that the hybrid polymer matrix composite has potential for applications where low strength is required.